Natural disasters are nothing new in Australia, we are the land of fire, flood and dought.  Throughout these disasters fuel is critical and the fuel wholesale, transport and retail segments of the industry have a tradition of being the last out and the first in, and providing essential services to the community and first responders.  Throughout the latest disaster, as damaging winds and floods lashed Victorias Gippsland area, local retail fuel group Vantage Fuels and the Bowser Bean crew have pulled out all the stops to service emergency responders and support a stellar charity.

Wind, rain and no power
As the wind lashed and the water rolled in locals fled and batoned down the hatches and waited out the storm.

Flash flooding in Healesville after wild overnight storms.

While others stayed away, and even before the flood waters receeded, a parade of emergency services workers and first responders rolled into town clearing trees and downed powerlines.

About a dozen power crews work to repair the electricity network on the Maroondah Highway near Lilydale.

Emergency services at a house in Victoria Rd in Lilydale where a tree has fallen on a house. Picture: NCA NewsWire / David Crosling

Turning up for emergency responders
With power out all over the area, when she was told by Powercore that there would be no power to the town for the foreseeable future, Site Manager at the Vantage Fuels site at Healsville, Steph jumped into action to provide some much needed support and services to the emergency response crew.

Steph and the team from Vantage Fuels Healesville, delivering smiles (from behind their masks) and caffeine to weary emergency response crews

The Vantage Fuels Healsville team fired up the emergency generators and the coffee machine and rolled out a dedicated Bowser Bean coffee event delivering smiles and much needed caffine to the amazing emergency response crews as they worked to make the community safe.

Community and charity support

In an approach to support charity as well as community, all coffee proceeds at Vantage Fuels Healesville for the coffee event servicing the emergency responders, were donated to the Make A Wish Foundation.

As the community starts to slowly take stock and begin to recover, many houses and businesses are still without power, and Steph and the team at Vantage Fuels Healsville are continuing to provide coffee and smiles to the community, and the Make A Wish donations continue – with all coffee proceeds going to Make A Wish.

Coffee, a smile and charity in a storm…good on Vantage Fuels!


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