Asahi Beverages has kicked off a community support initiative – The Big Giveback 2021.  A dedicated charity drive the is seeing the donation of 10 cents per bottle sold to local charities from Asahi Beverages and its partners for the month of August 2021.


The Big Give Back sees 10 cents from every bottle purchased from a retail partner store, directed to either The Smith Family, Movember, Ozharvest or the APCO Foundation.  Where the 10 cents per bottle is directed depends on where it is purchased from.


“The national campaign [is] aiming to raise $1M for Australian Charities.  The campaign will see more than 10,000 convenience stores, service stations, quick service restaurants and other major retail chains across Australia”.


Asahi Beverages are applying the Big Giveback to a broad range of its family favourite brands including; Gatorade, Mountain Dew, Solo, Schweppes, Sunkist, Pepsi, Lipton Ice Tea and Cool Ridge Water.


For those bottles that are purchased from KFC the 10 cents per bottle will be shared equally between Whitelion, Black Dog Institute and


The inaugural 2020 Big Giveback raised over $664,000 for the local charities.  This amounted to a full year of educational support for over 700 young people through The Smith Family; more than 188,000 meals delivered from Ozharvest; 12 months of support for 20 young people helping them get and keep work through Whitelion and delivering more than 240 care pack to struggling local Aussies through the APCO Foundation.


The 2021 Big Giveback is hoping to push that number to $1M and is already going strong with over $53,000 raised on day 1. 


“The retail petrol and convenience industry has a long history of charitable engagement.  What is often overlooked is the massive role that suppliers like Asahi Beverages play in this charitable tradition.  This is another example of a great initiative that focuses on local community pressures and solutions.  A big congratulations and kudos to Asahi and all of their retail partners” said ACAPMA CEO Mark McKenzie.


These community support charities are providing vital support day in and day out and The Big Giveback is one fabulous initiative to support them.  You can show your support when you make your next purchase, or reach donate directly at