A NSW business has been fined $90,000 for safety breaches, specially failing to implement appropriate refresher training, after an employee moved from one section in the business to another and was injured at work as a result.

The fine represents a discounted amount due to the guilty plea od the business.

The Judge noted that the employee was trained on commencement, and that included on forklift safety that was the cause of the incident, but that the employee then went into a department that had little to no contact with forklifts, and was injured only days after being moved into a role that was exposed to forklifts.

The Judge noted that had the employee been retrained prior to being moved into the new role, the incident could have been avoided.

Learnings for all businesses

“There is a requirement for businesses to train staff in the risks and hazards that they will be exposed to in their work and the controls that have been implemented to protect them.  Most businesses do this on commencement, but do not necessarily have a regular refresher pattern, or implement re-training when there is a change in role, location or equipment – and this refresher and re-training is vital to protecting staff and the business” explains ACAPMA Executive Manager for Employment and Training, Elisha Radwanowski.

“What every business should take from this case is this…safety training is a continual exercise, not just a day one task” concluded Elisha.

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Elisha Radwanowski BCom(HRM&IR)