The Transport and Logistics Industry Reference Committee has released a long awaited consultation paper on a plan to introduce detailed truck driving apprenticeships.  The consultation has been welcomed by general and fuel transport.

In welcoming the paper the Australian Trucking Association Chair David Smith noted “It’s no secret that operators around the country have difficulty recruiting truck drivers.  There is a shortage of new starters in the trucking industry, and it’s due to the image of the industry and the image of truck driving as a career.  By improving the professionalism of the industry, strengthening driver training would make driving a more attractive career”.

The pressures of the general freight industry are felt even more keenly in the dangerous goods transport space as ACAPMA CEO Mark McKenzie noted “building pathways for apprenticeships in fuel transport will help to address the constant staff pressures in what is a highly skilled industry”.

The Transport and Logistics Industry Reference Committee is calling for comment on the paper.

ACAPMA has been part of the crafting of the paper and will also be compiling comment on behalf of members.

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Elisha Radwanowski BCom(HRM&IR)