The ACCC has provided interim authorisation for AdBlue producers and suppliers to cooperate in respect of ensuring adequacy (and eveness) of AdBlue supply across the country, subject to such discussions only occurring in ‘official meetings’.  This is an important first step in ensuring that production stock-outs in certain parts of the country can be alleviated by the redirection of ‘surplus’ stocks in other geographic regions.

ACAPMA continues to work with Government, Ad Blue producers and the fuel majors to explore mechanisms to assist with management of the immediate issues associated with AdBlue supply.

Further meetings are planned for next week with a view to better understanding supply chain constraints associated with replenishment of AdBlue supply in the face of any changes in supplier arrangements effected under the umbrella of the ACCC Authorisation.

Our sincere thanks go to our retailer and distributor members who have, and continue to, share information on the specific nature of the current challenge.

See below for the Interim Authorisation Decision and Interested Parties Consultation information from ACCC


From ACCC;

The ACCC has granted interim authorisation for Brenntag Australia, other AdBlue manufacturers listed in the application and any other relevant party who may wish to participate in the arrangements in the future that has notified the ACCC in writing of their intention to do so to collaborate to obtain supply of refined urea to ensure sufficient supply of AdBlue (diesel exhaust fluid) and to enable prioritised distribution of refined urea should shortages emerge (the Proposed Conduct).

A copy of the interim authorisation decision is included below

As detailed at paragraph 27 of the interim authorisation decision, industry coordination can only occur with the oversight of the Federal Government.

Participating in the conduct

It is open to other relevant parties to participate in the Proposed Conduct under the interim authorisation decision.

In order to receive the protection of the Interim Authorisation Decision, parties must notify the ACCC in writing by sending an email to with the subject ‘Authorisation AA10000598 – request to be covered by authorisation’, identifying the new entity(ies) that wish to be covered, detailing the type(s) of conduct covered by the interim authorisation that those entities propose to engage in and the reasons they wish to do so. Once an entity notifies the ACCC, that entity will have the protection of the interim authorisation to engage in the conduct notified.