Fuel wholesale and retail, by its nature, includes a valuable, highly regulated product being moved and stored out of sight.  Long term member and supporter of ACAPMA, EMS delivers compliance, supply and management solutions to the industry and is this the focus of this weeks ACAPMA Partner Highlight.

 Context:  Out of Sight…but Top of Mind!

 While the fuel and fuel system is out of sight it must never be out of mind.  From fuel transport to wholesale through to retail the compliance and management requirements when it comes to fuel and fuel systems are detailed and the implications for breaches are significant, to businesses, communities and the environment.

The law places significant requirements on industry owners, operators and key management personnel to ensure systems are in place to demonstrate containment and contamination standards.

“A single small leak, undetected, can result, not only in a breach of the proactive compliance requirements, but also in significant remediation costs and devaluation of the land and business” explains ACAPMAs Elisha Radwanowski.

“Understanding exactly what is going on in fuel transport, storage and delivery systems at all times is vital to ensure compliance and to protect the business operator, the community and the environment” continues Elisha.

With just in time delivery systems and instant consumer demand and access, managing fuel supply is about more than ensuring compliance, it is also about ensuring continuous supply.

“There is another more commercial reason to invest in clear understanding of the fuel system and that is continuity of supply.  Stock outages cost businesses more than just the lost sale today, drastically reducing the likelihood of a customer returning to site in the future, compounding the loss significantly” concludes Elisha.

 EMS:  Comprehensive Solutions

Environmental Management Systems (EMS) has over 20 years experience developing and delivering fuel system equipment and software that addresses a broad list of fuel compliance, supply and reporting needs for small and large petroleum retailers including;

  • Remote Fuel management
  • Alarm monitoring, triage, resolution and support
  • EPA compliance nationally (UPSS regulations state by state and AS4897)
  • SIR Leak Detection to conform to UPSS regulations and AS4897
  • Comprehensive remote Wetstock Management
  • Fuel system performance and maintenance monitoring
  • Cloud based offering

“EMS focus on Independence, Quality, Innovation and Service as key differentiation” explains Managing Director Russell Dupuy.

“Our solutions are fuel system equipment brand agnostic, which means that they will work with all types of fuel system equipment.  Our solutions are part of our ISO9001:2015 quality assurance, which means customers can confidently trust the quality” adds Russell

The certification goes beyond ISO, with the Greenscan SIR leak detection service meeting the highest independently certified standard US EPA Certification.

EMS are committed to an innovation and research approach.  “We focus on evolving our solutions, taking advantage of leading technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and market research to deliver relevant and focused customer outcomes” continues Russell.

EMS: Insight and Action

“What many ACAPMA Members may not know is that we actually develop all of our solutions inhouse.  It is this flexibility that allows us to solve problems fast” explains Russell.

Delivering for large and small retailers, one of the recent projects has been the roll out of the Ampol Wetstock Management program, which includes Greenscan SIR Leak Detection and Fuelsuite Wetstock Management across the entire Australia network.

“We are very proud to be delivering for Ampol, Viva, Coles Express, United Petroleum and many other retailers who all have high standards in what is a highly regulated market” add Russell.

EMS:  COVID Caution

COVID has been a frustration for all businesses, and EMS has also been hit by border closures and lockdowns, but as an essential service to an essential industry have continued to operate and deliver for their clients.

“Maintenance and fuel storage system intelligence is not something that can be put off due to the pandemic” notes Russell.

EMS:  Guidance and Resources

EMS also publishes a series of articles exploring different elements of fuel system compliance, control and optimisation.  These articles are publicly available and include;

EMS:  Learn More or Get Involved

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For information as well as accessible, friendly, competitive and professional support.

Or explore the EMS offering and solutions at; https://drivingfueliq.com/

 ACAPMA Partners

ACAPMA Partners are product, service and technology suppliers to the wholesale and retail petrol and convenience industry and their support of the Association allows for ACAPMA to continue its critical services for all ACAPMA Members.  To learn more about all of the ACAPMA Partners and what they can offer industry, or to explore Partnership please visit; https://acapma.com.au/partnership/

Elisha Radwanowski BCom(HRM&IR)