Delivering targeted retail programs to independent retailers large and small New Sunrise is more than a buying group, it is a petrol and convenience retailer in its own right and a genuine retail partner assisting retailers in development, growth and expansion.  Long term member and supporter of ACAPMA, New Sunrise is this the focus of this weeks ACAPMA Partner Highlight.

Industry Context:  Convenience is local

 This is a phrase that is repeated in every discourse on ‘succeeding in retail’.  What it means to different people however, depends entirely on their place in the supply and delivery chain. 

 From the perspective of the customer it means that what they want, what drives their behaviour and their spend changes based on their location.  Having a location that includes a Bait Box offering is not as much of a driver of customer behaviour in the mountains as it is at a site on the banks of the river. 

 From the perspective of the retailer it is a caution to ensure the offering is tailored to the customers need, but it is also an opportunity to carve out their own local competitive advantage. 

 From the perspective of the suppliers the local nature of convenience as local is a challenge.  The sheer distances in Australia result in long and complicated supply chains, and the almost universal goal of larger suppliers to ensure a consistent customer experience make tailored retail offerings and approaches difficult to manage. 

 In the petrol convenience space this is exacerbated by the sheer number of small to medium independent operators and the almost constantly expanding number of items on offer and relationships they represent.

 So success in retail requires customised, relevant and always fresh local offerings, and delivering on this means an infinite web of relationships between retailers and suppliers that is hampered by number and distance.

 It is to address these challenges, and to leverage the power of the collective that Buying Groups are developed.

 New Sunrise:  Collective Action based on real experience

New Sunrise is a dedicated petrol and convenience buying group that brings together not only the experience of its management personnel, but also its real world experience as a retail site operator, to deliver simple, streamlined, sales driving and tailored offerings to retailers, and consistent, transparent and value added relationships for suppliers.

 “In a competitive retailing environment, it is important to have a reliable and effective operational merchandise program to compete against larger structured retailers” explains New Sunrise CEO Steve Cardinale.

 But it is important to remember that convenience is local and a ‘standard’ program that is universally applied will likely fall short of delivering on the potential that being a part of a buying group can bring.

 “New Sunrise caters to the evolving landscape of the convenience retail marketplace and produces a ‘one size DOES NOT fit all’ program to allow for flexibility, customisation and premiumisation of the offer, to suit the modern consumer…for any retail landscape, be it based in a metro vs regional area, city bound vs suburban bound, eat on the go offer vs roadhouse offer, coffee led vs top up shop, and importantly any combination of each” adds Mr Cardinale.

 The New Sunrise program is more than just a collection of discounted prices and promotional posters.  While it delivers on these buying group staples it also provides store set up, merchandise and floor planning assistance, category management, retail training, hardware support, store analysis and the support of an engaged and dedicated Business Manager for each local area.

 These services are all designed and delivered to increase the success of the operator and the collective group, allowing for further engagement and discount opportunities with suppliers, delivering a real win win.

 One example is the Passport to Profit Incentive Program (P2P) which is an exclusive New Sunrise program that focuses on rewarding store retailing excellence and activation.

 “Retail members operating the P2P program see faster sales growth when compared to the measured market, and benefit from additional rebates, point of sale and consumer promotions. 

New Sunrise:  Good Food Fast 

 As the broader convenience market has evolved so have the customer demands, and it is all about food, glorious food.  From gourmet pies and sandwiches to full restaurant quality meals, the customer expects more and retailers have to deliver.

 “New Sunrise are the leaders in the food space, offering multiple food programs from full turn-key solutions (Jill & Jack’s Daily), grab and go offer, right through to a larger roadhouse offer in their exclusive ‘Good Food Fast’ program, the broad offerings and models ensure there is the right food offer for every type of site” continued Steve.

 New Sunrise continues to experience double digit growth due to investment into the food and coffee programs that are seeing customers visiting site up to 3-4 times per week.

 “Given consumers fuel their tummies more than they need to fuel their cars, New Sunrise are excited to partner with retail members in developing world class food programs.  The quality of food and coffee served is constantly improving” added Steve.

New Sunrise:   Community Activation

In addition to the collective purchasing and negotiating power and instore promotion and support of a standard buying group, New Sunrise has broadened the support offered to members through an unprecedented community activation program including national television and radio advertising campaigns designed to build group brand and offer recognition, with a focus on the local and independent nature of the stores;

 “The TV ad has reached over 9 million Australians and Sunny Sunrise, the loveable Kookaburra mascot, utilises his cheeky personality and infectious laugh to encourage customers to ‘Enjoy Local’ at their nearest Sunrise store” explains Mr Cardinale.

 Balancing the community ‘sell’ with community ‘good’ New Sunrise has also embarked on the funding, placement and publicising of over 400 AED Defibrillators in stores across the country, providing an invaluable resource to the community that greatly increases the chances of survival in the event of sudden cardiac arrest.  The program, delivered through the Heart of the Nation charity, is a collaboration between original Yellow Wiggle Greg Page, who started the charity following a sudden cardiac arrest after a Wiggles reunion concert in 2020.

 “Having early access to an AED greatly increases the chances of survival.  We are so proud that over 400 New Sunrise stores are now affiliated with Heart of the Nation and have AED available to their community should it be needed” comments Steve.


New Sunrise also partnered with ACAPMA and the Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia (COSBOA) on the local community activation Go Local First campaigns.  The Go Local First program is a national, cross industry campaign designed to inspire support for small businesses of every type across the country. 

 “New Sunrise is proud to have been involved in the first Go Local First campaigns and is continuing to support this vital program.  Later this month a new element to the Go Local First program will launch; #Boastcode, which will encourage customers to ‘boast’ online about products and services they purchase from local small businesses to go into the draw for prizes.  New Sunrise will be including an opportunity to win a year of free fuel” outlines Mr Cardinale.

New Sunrise:  Convenience Online – Grabbitlocal

 Petrol is not something that lends itself to selling online, and while many larger petrol convenience retail networks are now offering online convenience items through various delivery platforms, most small independent sites struggle to justify the workload to keep up with the admin required.  The New Sunrise Grabbitlocal app offers an opportunity to simply expand member stores convenience offering online.

 “New Sunrise provides access to a low cost, easy to implement, online ordering or delivery app – which has been specifically designed for petrol and convenience retailers.  Grabbitlocal can now turn bricks and mortar stores online a matter of minutes, with pre-populated products and offers, while still offering further customisation and flexibility, allowing our retailers to compete against the majors and not have to pay the high commission rates seen in other app options” explained Steve.

 New Sunrise:  Learn More or Get Involved

 For more information please contact New Sunrise on 02 9815 7800 or visit;

 New Sunrise have a local area representative in each State and Territory who will attend the site and provide more information.

 ACAPMA Partners

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Elisha Radwanowski BCom(HRM&IR)