Franklin Fueling has been delivering fuel storage and dispensing system equipment and technology internationally since 1944 and in Australia for over 25 years.  Characterised by a commitment to quality, service and value Franklin Fueling is the focus of this weeks ACAPMA Partner Highlight.

ACAPMA sat down with long term member Jim Craig to talk about what makes Franklin Fueling tick.

“We are building on and able to leverage a long international history and the learnings that come from that to deliver for fuel businesses here in Australia” explains Mr Craig.

“At Franklin Fueling we are proud to offer the worlds most complete line of petroleum equipment including; submersible pumping systems, piping and containment systems, service station hardware, dispensing systems, fuel management systems, wire management systems, vapor suppressant systems and transport systems.  It is a mouthful of a list but it is really about having a detailed suite of systems and resources available to design a fully fit for purpose, integrated and complete system for our customers based on their particular situations” adds Jim.

“What sets us apart from others is service coupled with a focus on lowest cost of ownership with the utmost attention to safety and environmental security.  From product design to project management an implementation we take a systematic and service focused approach to every element” continues Jim.

“The service does not stop at installation.  We provide training, optimisation and ongoing technical service and support” adds Jim.

Franklin Fueling’s commitment to safety and compliance extends to the development of an international product specific training and certification program for installers.

“What many people don’t know is that the Franklin Fueling Systems Pro University delivers internationally consistent comprehensive training and resources for Franklin Fueling Installers.  It’s about being safe, staying educated and getting the job done right”  adds Jim.

Franklin Fueling has become an integral part of the Australian fuel industry landscape and is working to ensure that the focus on compliance, safety and service continues to dominate.

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