An Australian manufacturing success for almost 100 years, Shipman King is supplying equipment and innovation to the Australian and international fuel, mining, defence and telco industries.  Long term ACAPMA Member Shipman King is the focus of this weeks Partner Highlight.

Established in 1923 to supply equipment to the then emerging service station market and continues today as a market leader in this field.  An Australian manufacturer, distributor and marketer of service station equipment in Australia and the surrounding region, Shipman King has expanded into the mining, defence and telecommunication industries.

“There is something special about the fuel industry in Australia.  It is all about the people in this industry.  They care about each other, the industry, and good outcomes for community, it is really energising” explains Shipman King CEO Nigel Howlett.

Shipman King has a long history of working with industry to innovate products that are suitable for the Australian market.   The Shipman King unique Spill Safe boxes and Under Pump Sumps are designed to suit Australian conditions, and our poppet valves have been used in the industry for over 60 years.

“While almost all of our products are manufactured here in Australia, we are partnering with some international manufacturers on industry innovations.  At the moment we are working on a hydrant elbow that automatically denies the difference between diesel and petrol products when filling an underground tank.  This exciting innovation will address the common and expensive misfuel errors known as shandy’s” adds Nigel.

“It is core to what we do to understand and address specific local problems and issues.  The Australian fuel industry is a quirky one and the regulatory and environmental demands require very specific solutions.  We have long engaged with industry through associations like the old PICA and ACAPMA to address these issues.  The most pressing issue of the last few years has been the lack of formal recognition that our highly skilled technicians receive, so we are very excited to see that ACAPMA RTO is delivering the first nationally recognised skills training, this has been many years coming, but it is a great thing for the industry that it is a reality now” adds Nigel.

As Shipman King gears up to celebrate its centenary next year this industry staple is not resting on its laurels, they are continuing to engage with industry and strive to deliver the equipment to make it safer, more efficient and more compliant.

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