Under the theme of ‘Doing Business in a post-COVID Economy’, the 2022 Asia Pacific Fuel Industry Forum (2022 APFIF) will be held in Adelaide on 6 and 7 September 2022. Key issues to be addressed during the two-day event include: the changing outlook for fuel supply in Australia, market developments in EVs and Hydrogen vehicles, and the future of Petrol Convenience.

Presentations will also be provided by national regulators in areas such as wage compliance, unfair contract laws and fuel measurement laws and these will be complemented by a suite of specialist insights about the key trends and market developments that are reshaping the Australian fuel industry.

“After a two-year break due to COVID-19, the 2022 Forum will provide a much-needed opportunity to discuss the way the world has been changed by the COVID-19 Pandemic – and what that means in practical terms, for the future directions of our industry”, said ACAPMA CEO Mark McKenzie.

“As always, the goal of this year’s event is to provide delegates with a knowledge dividend – that is, actionable knowledge that will help them successfully navigate the near-term uncertainty of a post COVID-19 market”, explained Mark.

The 2022 APFI Forum will feature major ‘Keynotes’ from three of the biggest Captains of the Australian fuel industry, namely:

  • Scott Wyatt, CEO Viva Energy Australia, who will provide a perspective on the changing fuel supply landscape in Australia
  • Anna Vargas, General Manager Australia Downstream Chevron, who will share the Chevron Australia story
  • Angus McKay, CEO 7-Eleven Australia, who will discuss the changing face of petrol-convenience and the growing importance of non-fuel offerings

The event will bring perspectives from outside of the industry with discussions about the broader economy, developments in industry and business regulation, developments in alternative fuels, and the growing impact of digital commerce on the petrol-convenience industry. This year’s specialist speakers and regulators include:

  • Anneke-Thompson, Chief Economist CreditorWatch, who will provide an expert economic view on the near-term economic future and likely inflationary pressures for businesses and households alike
  • Sandra Parker, the Fair Work Ombudsman, who will discuss the growing focus on wage underpayment and the future directions of wage compliance and enforcement in the wake of a recent parliamentary report on the link between wage underpayment and unfair competition
  • Bruce Billson, the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, who will present a perspective on the changing landscape for B2B relationships (i.e. fuel majors and dealers) in the wake of 2021 changes to Unfair Contract Laws
  • Bill Loizides, General Manager Legal Metrology of the National Measurement Institute, who will discuss observed trends in the rate of non-compliance with fuel measurement laws as they relate to the fuel industry – and the steps that can be taken to improve compliance to protect customers and the reputation of the fuel industry
  • Craig Hamilton, Broadcaster, Cricketer, Commentator and Author, who will share a powerful and personal experience on mental health as our industry grapples with the rising importance of mental health and well-being for employees and business owners alike
  • Mark Hammond, Chief Technical Officer of the Truck Industry Council, who will discuss the likely technological changes in new heavy vehicles that will be sold into the Australian truck market over the next 10 years
  • Brenda Mainland, Managing Director Survey Matters, who will present the key findings of the 2022 Monitor of Fuel Consumer Attitudes and share a perspective on what the key findings mean for P&C in the future
  • Alan Cadd, Managing Director Informed Sources, who will shine a spotlight on the industry experience with EVs in Norway and share his thoughts on the key learnings for the Australian Market
  • Ketan Kale, CEO eFuel Systems, who will discuss digital developments and innovations as they relate to the petrol-convenience sector
  • Paul Walsh, CEO Australian Industry Standards, who will outline the new training standards that have been completed for those operating in the petroleum contracting industry to create formal professional development pathways for those working in fuel design, installation, maintenance, and decommissioning
  • Anthony Lahiff, National Sales Manager Nilsen Networks, who will explore the technical and economic challenges associated with the provision of EV fast charging infrastructure on service station forecourts

Other speakers soon to be confirmed include an international futurist (who will discuss the future of mobility and its likely impact on the traditional fuel industry) and the CEO of the national peak body representing car manufacturers about the near-term outlook for EVs and Hydrogen cars.

The popular panel sessions will again feature at this year’s event. The National Petroleum Contractors Forum (Day 1) will discuss training and skill standards as we begin to implement a national industry training and Professional Development Programme for those that build, repair and maintain the Nation’s fuel assets.

Day 2 will feature a panel discussion with the newly established National Petroleum and Convenience Retailers Council. A joint initiative between ACAPMA and Convenience World, members of the Council will share a perspective on the issues facing the P&C industry as it continues to adapt to developments in digital commerce and prepare for reduced fuel revenues (as conventionally fuelled vehicles are replaced by electric and hydrogen powered vehicles).

The fast paced, knowledge focused conference program is complemented by a series of social and networking events designed to allow delegates to come together to discuss and explore what they have learnt, to catch up with colleagues and suppliers, and to simply enjoy each other’s company after a long break.

“With most of us having spent significant periods locked down in our own communities, a special effort has been made this year to provide meaningful opportunities for delegates to network in a relaxed social atmosphere over the course of the two-day programme”, added Mark.

The first of these comprises a Welcome Cocktail reception on the night before the conference begins (5 September 2022), with a relaxed ‘Festival of Food’ function to be held on the Riverside Lawns of the Adelaide Convention Centre at the end of Day 1 (6 September 2022) and delivered in partnership with New Sunrise Group.

Day 2 (7 September 2022) commences with a networking breakfast for all delegates and a business lounge will operate over the full two-day period to provide a place for more serious business discussions as required.

As with all industry events, the event has been made possible by the phenomenal support of sponsors which include Convenience World (Platinum Sponsor), Marsh McLennan (Platinum Sponsor), EFuel systems (Gold Sponsor), EMS (Gold Sponsor), New Sunrise Group (Silver Sponsor), Fuji Vision (Silver Sponsor) and eftpos (Silver Sponsor). The event is also being supported by 16 business partners whose products and services will be featured during the course of the event.

“Mindful of the challenges all businesses have faced over the past 2 years, we have almost halved our pricing for full event attendance and have designed an event that maximises the opportunity for suppliers to network with retail delegates – as opposed to being ‘chained to a booth’ in a trade hall”, said Mark.

“If you have never been to the Asia Pacific Industry Forum before, then this is the year to come along – and join the 300 plus industry delegates and stakeholders that regularly attend this annual industry event”, said Mark.

“If you have been before, then we would love to see you back as we celebrate the achievements of our industry over the past 2 years and prepare for the challenges ahead”, concluded Mark.

To find out more about APFIF22 and/or to register for this event, simply visit the event website at https://apfiforum.com/