Independent Solutions is celebrating 25 years of helping independent retailers navigate the POS puzzle while actively preparing to support retailers in the integrated, on demand, tech driven future.  Independent Solutions is a class leader and this weeks ACAPMA Partner Highlight.

Independent Solutions is an innovative Australian Point of Sale Technology solution provider that is backed by the size and capability of international powerhouses Vela Asia Pacific and Constellation Software.

“We have the backing and the support of a big company and international corporate platform, but we are absolutely a nimble, flexible, and small Australian company. We pride ourselves in delivering big business outcomes with small business personal service for our retailers” explains Independent Solutions Sales and Marketing Manager Dean Crowther.

Independent Solutions delivers more than just Point Of Sale solutions for Australian retailers.

“Our full suite of software and services is both comprehensive and growing with all elements geared to providing our retailers with the information, management and analytical solutions to deliver them a competitive edge” continues Dean.

“Information and flexible integrated systems allows our retailers to know their business better, understand their community and customers better, and respond to opportunities faster, which is critical in the competitive and constantly changing Australian retail market” explains Dean.

“The Independent Solutions software solutions include full store and forecourt management, head office integrations, as well as the Point of Sale and back office” adds Mr Crowther.

“The continued success of our fuel software solution Flexi Fuel is one area that we have continually improved.  With this particular software set we took a long term approach to the design and integration of the elements that will allow for the building of an evolving, class leading platform that will continue to deliver for our retailers for years to come” continues Dean.

“COVID-19 was a test to this approach, we were required to pivot and flex for our retailers.  We are so proud of the whole systems response to these unprecedented pressures” explains Dean.

While Independent Solutions has been delivering industry leading Point of Sale solutions for a quarter of a decade the commitment to continual development and evolution remains part of the DNA of the business.

“We are really excited about a product that is very soon to be released.  Our new HOMS, Head Office Management System, will revolutionise how groups manage their sites and deliver unprecedented data and visibility to build and expand” adds Mr Crowther.

“This system brings together our grocery and fuel expertise to deliver positive outcomes across the whole business, and as anyone in fuel knows, that means being flexible to change and specialisation” expands Mr Crowther.

“Fuel retail is so dynamic which can be equal parts exciting and frustrating, but it definitely drives innovation and success.  Fuel retailers themselves are some of the most inventive and responsive in the retail space.  It is a challenge to keep up with their innovation, but it is a challenge we are energised with and which results in genuinely customised and flexible solutions” beams Dean.

“Our solutions are for all fuel retailers, not just the big networks.  One of the really rewarding parts of this work is partnering with a small retailer and arming them with the information to thrive and then grow” concluded Dean.

To get more information reach out to the team via; 1800 020 946; Email; Linkedin or visit;;

Congratulations Independent Solutions on 25 years of support and solutions…cant wait to see what the future solutions look like.

Elisha Radwanowksi BCom(HRM&IR)