Professional Datasolutions Inc (PDI) software is an industry titan providing fuel operators with more than data, with information, to make critical business decisions on daily tactical operations, like pricing right through to customer loyalty and engagement, fleet movements and stock holding.  With 39 years of experience PDI is a trusted supplier to the industry, quietly partnering with fuel operators of all sizes to ensure they have the information they need to respond to current situations, plan for the future, and importantly, to respond to the opportunities that present themselves in what is a face paced and evolving market.  PDI is a long term member of ACAPMA and is the focus of this weeks Partner Highlight.

PDI software helps businesses and brands increase sales, operate more efficiently and securely, and improve critical decision-making. Proudly serving the petroleum industry worldwide since 1983 PDI is trusted to deliver intelligence and strategic support in over 1,500 companies, representing more than 200,000 locations worldwide.  With senior leaders based in Sydney (Australia), Bangkok (Thailand), and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), PDIs commitment to, and support within, the APAC region is strongly focused on delivering on the unique needs of APAC convenience, fuel, and logistics operations.

The PDI mission is to help customers bring convenience and energy to the world. PDI does this by offering solutions that centre around three segments: Enterprise Productivity, Consumer Engagement, and Security & Platform.  One product featured widely throughout the APAC region is PDI Logistics Solutions. With PDI Logistics Solutions, fuel retailers, wholesalers, and haulers receive an enterprise cloud solution designed to bring visibility and control across the entire fuel distribution network. Automation, dynamic forecasting, and business intelligence create actionable insights to minimize risk, reduce cost, and improve customer and employee satisfaction.

Alongside a modern, comprehensive product for logistics planning and execution, PDI offers Fuel Pricing Solutions for the retail and wholesale market that leverage data science and machine learning – including functionality for the pricing of EV charging. PDI also has expanded its international capabilities with seamless Point-of-Sale Solutions for back-office and head-office. Additionally, PDI offers purpose-built Security Solutions for highly distributed enterprises to address their growing cybersecurity needs.

Headquartered in the United States, PDI combines its global experience with a local presence in APAC where the team of local senior leaders and associates is regarded for their deep relationship building as they work to help customers solve their biggest problems. PDI offers modern and innovative solutions across the ecosystem that streamline logistics workflow and the delivery of actionable insights in real-time, unlike other solutions that allow customers just to view their data. With PDI real-time visibility and automation, retailers can leverage their existing resources and increase transparency to optimize operational efficiency, reduce cost, and enhance supply chain visibility.

When customers choose PDI, they get more than software. The PDI team goes beyond business and dedicates themselves to the success of their customers. PDI is a people-first company committed to delivering exceptional service, so that its customers then can do the same in their own businesses.

“The first trucks are already in operation using the new system. Soon all our operators will benefit from the comprehensive functionality of PDI Logistics Cloud, such as a focus on preventing LPG runouts, reducing mileage, boosting productivity, maximizing transparency, increasing payload utilization, ensuring compliance, and digitalizing operations,” said Jo Crawford, General Manager, Rockgas, a PDI customer.
Rockgas, a Firstgas Group company and New Zealand’s largest LPG retailer, selected PDI Logistics Cloud to transform, innovate, and automate its LPG logistics operations (Rockgas Signs with PDI Logistics Cloud to Innovate its LPG Operations in New Zealand, 12 January 2022).

“PDI is a dedicated and trusted partner with a proven track record of supporting us in the region. Deep industry expertise from PDI contributes to Chevron success within the Asia-Pacific region and we’re excited to extend this to POS,” said Dean Gilbert, General Manager Marketing and Sales Support, Chevron APAC, another PDI customer.

Chevron Singapore selected PDI to implement its cloud-based Point-of-Sale Solutions in multiple countries in the Asia Pacific region across the Chevron retail network, integrating with existing PDI back-office and head-office business solutions that simplify complex operations across all profit centers (Chevron Singapore Expands Relationship with PDI to Use Point-of-Sale (POS) Solutions across the APAC Region, 10 February 2022).

PDI has long supported ACAPMA as well as the industry and is focused on deepening its support and engagement in the APAC market as discussed by General Manager and VP of Sales APAC Sin Hin Wong, “PDI looks forward to growing our presence throughout APAC, as our team is dedicated to helping customers throughout the region solve their biggest challenges. Customers want to work with the PDI team because of our deep domain knowledge – not only in the region but also across the globe. Throughout PDI, we work together to listen, understand, and articulate solutions for our customers. That’s a reflection of our core values at PDI, and it defines our commitment to working locally and globally to deliver convenience and energy to the world”.

PDI continues to make significant investments to create a powerful, intuitive, and reliable technology stack. PDI believes in serving and leading customers throughout the region as they transform their businesses and the future of the convenience petroleum industry.

With so many innovations and disruptions driving change in the way consumers behave, businesses can easily feel overwhelmed regarding what is the best way to keep up. PDI believes this creates an opportunity to support and guide customers through that change – no one has to go at it alone. PDI looks across a customer’s overall technology stack to create scalable and flexible solutions that can integrate and adapt to today’s dynamic market.

PDI is bringing learnings from its global operations to APAC, where the organization continues to invest in the region to help the industry navigate a more digital consumer. From point-of-sale to fuel pricing, loyalty, endpoint security, and more, there is an opportunity for back-office and head-office solutions to work together to simplify complex operations across all profit centers and create a future-proof blueprint for success no matter the changing world.

PDI invests heavily in the industry both through acquisitions and organic growth. In 2021, PDI announced its plan to invest more than 100M USD in research and development to accelerate product integration and deliver a frictionless experience across the broader industry ecosystem. This includes simplifying complexity to increase enterprise productivity, drive consumer engagement, and secure the network. PDI aims to continue serving the market to navigate a changing future together with its customers.

“PDI looks forward to attending the APFI Forum, hosted by ACAPMA in South Australia 5-7 September 2022 and catching up with many retailers”  added Sin Hin Wong.

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