WorkSafe ACT has issued a safety alert to all businesses warning that the obligation on businesses to ensure that all electrical equipment and items are tagged and tested regularly by a qualified electrical or duly qualified person extends to laptop charging cables and all electronic items that are plugged into an electrical socket.

“While businesses have long understood the need to do electric tagging and testing on workplace equipment, the recent case that triggered this safety alert highlights that there are often small or mobile devices that are ‘missed’ in the regular tagging and testing programs” explains ACAPMAs Elisha Radwanowski

“While often overlooked, portable items like laptops arguably pose a greater risk of degradation due to their very nature.  Shoving the chargers in and out of a bag on a regular basis can lead to damage to the cable that can, and in this case did, lead to electric shock injury to the employee” continued Elisha.

“ACT is not the only State to highlight this issue, South Australia has also raised the alarm on this one so businesses should be on notice, that inspectors everywhere will be asking to see, not just evidence of electrical tagging and testing programs, but evidence that those programs adequately address portable equipment including laptops” concluded Elisha.

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Elisha Radwanowski BCom(HRM&IR)