The future of retail, and particularly petrol and convenience retail, is uncertain.  Trends and pressures buffet the industry from every direction and this environment has caused innovators to rise to the top.  The exact nature of a “successful” petroleum retail offer in Australia in the future is not known or set in stone, what is clear is that the legends of the future are already leveraging data and software innovations to create real information and knowledge to both inform their strategic decisions and streamline their processes to deliver a frictionless, integrated and customer driven experience for their customers.  This means Australian fuel retailers are seeking out and partnering with international tech wizards, one such firm that is very quickly building a name for itself in Australia is ACAPMA Partner Cardtrend Systems, we have a quick chat with the gentle giant and honorary Aussie cousin behind this tech solution provider; Mok.

First up, who are you? 

We are Cardtrend Systems Sdn Bhd and I am the CEO Mok Chee Yong.

So what is the Cardtrend story?

We have been in operation for over 20 years delivering for fuel retail operators all over the world.  While we initially provided digital payment solutions, with a focus on high-level of security, robustness and flexibility using latest technology. Now, we also offering related software solutions and services to fuel marketers.

We have only recently turned to the Australian market and have been delighted to engage with ACAPMA and some of the large buying groups and networks on design and delivery of a full suite of technical software systems that are specific to fuel retailers and fuel wholesalers.

What can your business offer fuel wholesalers and/or retailers?

We are offering B2B and B2C software systems to fuel marketers through different business models that cater from small business to large enterprise.

Our solutions includes,

  • Fleet Card, Fleet Tracking, Theft prevention
  • Fuel Card, Gift Card, Cardless payment, Contactless payment, Mobile Payment, EV Payment.
  • Loyalty Program including campaign, mobile, redemption, and many more.
  • Asset Management, Vendor Invoice Management, Learning/Training Management, Knowledgebase/SOP Management.
  • Managed Services include service desk, IT Operation, and cloud hosting.

What sets your business apart from your competitors?

We focus on shorter time-to-market solutions with low integration and SaaS (subscription) approach, coupled with services and insights from our team of industry specialist.

We are having number of large clients in Southeast Asia such as Petronas, Petron, and Banks.

Where can ACAPMA Members go for more information / to see your business in action?

ACAPMA members can contact our dedicated personnel for more information and online demonstration of our solutions can be arranged.

ACAPMA members can reach out to me directly on the details below or to our Professional Services Manager Joycelyn Ong via;

Name: Mok Chee Yong (Derek)
Designation: CEO

“We are really excited about the unique market that is the Australian fuel wholesale and retail space.  The people, the challenges and the ownership and operation structures are quite different than in much of the world, and as our platforms are customisable and very flexible this is a perfect fit for us” explains Mok.

“We look forward to catching up with ACAPMA Members at the industry events and our Melbourne offices which are opening soon” concludes Mok.

More information

For more information see; or reach out to Mok and the team.

Elisha Radwanowski BCom(HRM&IR)