Lighting is a tool that can deliver so much to a business.  From the clear safety solutions of security lighting, to the marketing benefits of promotional light boxes and signage, all the way through to instore and food lighting setting an environment that entices the customer and encourages purchase, the right lighting can be a critical part of business success.  ACAPMA Partner Advanced Lighting Technologies Australia has been specialising in lighting for over 27 years, and is the focus of this week’s Partner Highlight.

Advanced Lighting Technologies (ADLT) are the petrol and convenience lighting specialists.

ADLT have worked with Australia’s largest fuel retailers to provide quality LED solutions that help reduce energy consumption and minimise maintenance costs.

Their experience in the industry, combined with a carefully selected product range and team of experts means ADLT are able to deliver a total lighting solution designed to exceed customer expectations.

LED lighting solutions in a petrol and convenience retail setting can not only project a clean and welcoming environment to the customer, they also typically have a longer lifespan and use less energy than older HID-style lighting.

ADLT offers interior and exterior lighting solutions including;

– Canopy Lighting (Forecourt lights)
– Car Park Lighting
– General Area Lighting
– Security Lighting
– Interior Lighting
– Car Wash Lighting
– Cool Room Lighting
– Store Room Lighting
– In-Store Display Lighting
– Flood Lighting

“Whether it’s a retrofit or a new construction, our premium LED petrol and convenience lighting solutions can help to improve your site’s visibility, safety and roadside presence. ADLT employ a full time lighting designer and a team of experienced industry experts to ensure their lighting designs and application solutions are produced to meet the project brief.

ADLT is dedicated to the success of petrol and convenience retailers, so much so they have a dedicated website for the P&C channel –

More information 

Enquiries can be directed to or 03 9800 5600 where.