Adelaide Fuel Distributors was awarded the 2023 Small Fuel Distributor of the Year at the inaugural Australian Fuel & Convenience Awards Dinner in Brisbane.

The Award was presented to Managing Director Mr Bryson Fredericks by External Judge Paul Walsh, CEO, Industry Skills Australia.

“The AFC Awards are an externally and independently judged merit based awards program that recognises excellence, and Adelaide Fuel Distributors have exemplified for many years,” explains ACAPMA CEO Mark McKenzie.

“All of the Nominees and Finalists were exceptional operators who really do enrich their communities by being part of them, and they all have a reason to be proud, but there can only be one winner, and this year its Adelaide Fuels”, added Mark.

As the industry congratulates the 2023 Small Fuel Distributor of the Year we take a moment to look a little deeper at this Award Winning Business.


AFC Award Profile:  Adelaide Fuel Distributors


Adelaide Fuel Distributors operates with a family focused approach, along with a commitment to consistency and compliance.

A family owned company founded by Bryson Fredericks in 1971, Adelaide Fuel Distributors (AFD) began with one truck and Mr Fredericks himself as driver. Today, AFD has grown to employ 80 people and operate 15 trucks, three depots and seven service stations.

Mr Fredericks heads the business as Managing Director and says he’s proud to have his family working with him – daughters Sarah (Admin Manager) and Catherine (Retail Manager) and son Jason (Operations Manager).

General Manager Trevor Bayliss is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the business.
Commenting on AFD’s local market, Mr Bayliss says South Australia continues to be a “highly competitive, highly contested” market in which to operate. “While price is a foremost customer consideration in the current economic climate, all things being equal, delivering great customer service, providing quality products, being close to your customers and going the extra mile when called upon remain essential to ongoing success in our business,” he said.

Family focus

Mr Bayliss believes the “family connection” resonates with many customers as they like dealing with local, privately owned businesses. “We leverage this when approaching new business, as customers can talk to the owner of the business or a family member,” he said.

“Since Covid, supporting local business is even more important and gives us an edge over our competitors. The third generation [of the Fredericks family] is now also starting to take an interest, with the grandchildren often in and around the office.”

Consistency commitment

Mr Bayliss emphasises consistency as an additional factor in helping AFD to stand out from its competitors:
– “Consistency of remaining a family operated business that treats all its staff with genuine respect and having utmost care and consideration for their wellbeing, as well as acknowledging and valuing individual contribution.”
– “Consistency in remaining close to [our] customers and being recognised as a well-known local business delivering great personal service and product value to customers.”
– “Consistency in product quality by being associated with great brands like Ampol and Mobil, whose products are always of the highest quality and standard.”

Compliance commitment

According to Mr Bayliss, AFD’s main objective is the safe and compliant storage, handling and delivery of high-quality products to its customers, facilitated through upholding a culture of “incident free and environmentally sound” operations.

He says the business is committed to:
– Conducting all activities in a safe, incident free and compliant manner.
– Compliance with all environment, government and statutory requirements.
– A culture of continual improvement through regular reviews of work practices and environmental management.

What’s next

Considering the future of AFD, Mr Bayliss says the company will remain family owned and operated and continue to meet the “ongoing needs” of its customers through the adoption of new business strategies to ensure a “diverse and robust” business incorporating the “latest technology and business practices”. This, he believes, will ensure AFD remains in the “hearts and minds” of its customers.


More Information

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