At the annual Product of the Year Awards the LeVel Lemonade team took a well deserved bow and celebrated their hard work being recognised by the people that really matter in P & C, the actual consumers…and yes, Chrish and Katrin Graebner did their celebrating with a refreshing can of LeVel Lemonade, but it is only the beginning.

At the 15th annual Product of the Year Awards this week LeVel Lemonade was voted Beverage of the year.  The Product of the Year Awards recognise products that are voted by real consumers who are actively engaged in purchasing, and repeat purchasing, each category of product, making these awards distinct from the usual industry led and industry awarded accolades.  With the Product of the Year Awards real customers vote for the products they actually buy.

This family business success story has not happened overnight, nor in isolation.  Speaking to ACAPMA on the night, founder and Director Chrish Graebner was very clear on that.

Chrish was quick to emphasise that the this accolade means the world to him because it is the customers who voted, not just a panel of industry people, but that he is truly appreciative of the support that the innovators and early adopters gave the product by ranging it in the first place.

“You know how it is, you have a new product and you have to really work to prove to the buyers out there to give you some space instore to bring it to life”, said Chrish.

“No product takes off on day one, particularly one like LeVel that has a really distinct customer proposition.  So while I agree with all of the thousands of customers who voted LeVel Lemonade Product of the Year for 2024, I remember and appreciate the stores that stuck with us for those critical times while customers discovered the LeVel difference”, continues Mr Graebner.

“The early adopters who ranged us early are part of this success today, a success we hope to share with those yet to jump on the LeVel Beverages bandwagon as we invite them to range the Product of the Year, my I do so love saying that”, Chrish glowed.

The LeVel Lemonade story is an interesting one.  Currently ranged in over 3,000 locations nationwide it is leading the charge in ‘functional beverages’.

“Australians in particular are increasingly health-conscious, and they refuse to compromise on taste, which is where so many functional beverages fall short” explains Mr Graebner.

Level Lemonade has recently launched its formulated supplementary sports drink in a new 300ml aluminium can, that like its PET predecessor features low sugar (<2.5g/100m), 100% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C, and 160mg of magnesium.

“The decision to move to the can was an easy one to make, because the customers wanted it, and that is the only pathway to success in this business, give the customers what they want.  The sustainability, shelf life and production benefits are all secondary, the customers prefer their carbonated soft drink from a can, and we give the customer what they want”, explained Chrish.

While it was LeVel Lemonade Original that was voted Product of the Year 2024, the LeVel Lemonade range includes variants such as Raspberry, Pineapple and Cola.

LeVel Beverages is currently undergoing a crowdfunded direct capital raising round to fund an expansion.

“We are poised to deliver more of what the customer wants, to more customers, and we are inviting the community to join us on that journey, and to share in our successes as we go from strength to strength”, says Chrish.

The offering is open until 23rd November 2023 via

For more information visit

Congratulations to Chrish, Katrin and the whole LeVel Beverages team on being voted Product of the Year 2024!

Elisha Radwanowski BCom(HRM&IR)