It is a requirement of operating a dangerous goods site that the regulator is notified of the operations and contact details on a regular basis.  A recent review has highlighted that many operators are dropping the ball on DG Notifications.  Penalties apply for failure to notify, and to re-notify, as well as failure to display notification acknowledgement.  All operators are on notice to address this important area now, before the regulator comes to site.

In Victoria there has been a long running requirement to notify WorkSafe about the operational and site details when there is a manifest quantity of dangerous goods stored onsite.

This notification element has always been accompanied by a requirement to re-notify when there is a major change or when the notification period expires.

“It is this last element that is causing the regulator to raise the alarm at this time, the renotification requirement”, explains ACAPMAs Elisha Radwanowski.

“In Victoria, in the past, a site was required to notify and would receive a certificate of notification showing an expiry of 5 years from notification date, however the notification period has changed to 2 years”,

“This change to the frequency of notification requirements is new, coming into force with the 2022 regulation changes.  This has resulted in a genuinely confusing situation for site operators where they may have been issued with a DG Notification Certificate in 2019, 2020, 2021 or even 2022 that is showing an expiry date that is yet to pass, but if that Notification Certificate was issued on or before 15/12/2021 then it is out of date as at today and the business will need to renotify”, continued Elisha.

“Along with the changes to the frequency of notification, the Notification Certificate has been replaced with a notification acknowledgement that the business will receive directly from the system when they complete or update their notification.  A copy of this acknowledgement must be on display at the premises and available to inspectors”,

“ACAPMA encourages all VIC DG site operators to take a moment in what is a very busy retail period to glance at their current Notification Certificate, if it was issued before 15/12/2021 then it is time to urgently do a renotification to WorkSafe before inspectors come knocking, it is a 10 minute task to ensure compliance”, concludes Elisha.

Renotification to WorkSafe VIC is required when;

  • It has been two years since the most recent notification
  • Within three days of a change to the occupiers name or contact details (including if an occupier ceases to be an occupier)
  • Within three days of a change that adds or removes dangerous goods types or quantities stored onsite (including when a product type is added/removed or when the amount stored increases/decreases by 20%
  • Within three days of a substantial change to the plant (equipment and fixtures), or the introduction of new plant, for use in connection with the storage and handling of the dangerous goods

Notification and renotification is free and can be done online at;


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Elisha Radwanowski BCom(HRM&IR)