There are an increasing number of policymakers and automotive organizations who are talking up the future of electric vehicles in developed economies. Equally, there are a growing number of consumer and motoring advocates who are suggesting that EVs are unlikely to be the dominant powertrain in the global light vehicle fleet any time soon, given significant and ongoing challenges.

And then there’s Harry!

If you’re a car enthusiast, even if you don’t live in the United Kingdom (UK) you have probably heard of Harry Metcalfe. A British ex-auto journalist who has been the brains behind some of the motoring world’s most memorable stories, Harry has turned his hand to YouTube to share his insights about global motoring issues.

Harry’s perspective of EVs is refreshingly different from the classic “EVs are good” and “EVs are bad” stories. He is a private motorist who embraced EV technology early. But, after 4 years of driving both an EV (and a PHEV), he has recently decided to go back to diesel.

He provides a refreshing look at the EV market challenge from the real-world perspective of a private motorist in the UK car market. His analysis is pragmatic and well informed, He cites a series of issues that go beyond the classic challenges of high capital cost, access to charging infrastructure, and range anxiety.

These challenges include the silent risk of buying a used EV (i.e. variable levels of early battery degradation) and the convenience and cheap cost of EV charging – albeit countered by the high cost of public fast-charging infrastructure. He also discusses the effects of extreme temperatures (high and low) on the range of an EV.

The video is 28 mins long but it is a comprehensive assessment from the perspective of a private car buyer – as opposed to a business buyer that has taken advantage of the tax breaks provided to business to incentives purchases of new EVs in many of the world’s developed economies.

Watch now to learn about Harry’s experience with EVs and what he believes needs to change before EVs become a genuine proposition for private car buyers;