Viva Energy Australia has released its 2023Sustainability Report.   The fifth such report, this 2023 Sustainability Report explores status on sustainability goals and targets as wel as ESG performance for 2023.

Delivering on the objective to grow a sustainability business that aligns with corporate and community values means setting ambitious targets and then measuring performance.

“Our values determine how we approach safety, our environmental and community responsibilities, and our quest for new opportunities. They guide our conduct as we treat people with respect and integrity.  This is the Viva Way, and it is shaping the future of our business”

“Viva Energy has a critical role to play in meeting energy security while also supporting our customers to adopt new energies and reduce their emissions. We have initiatives underway to reduce our own  emissions and are making important investments to introduce new energies and make these available to our customers”,  Scott Wyatt, CEO, Viva Energy Australia.

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Elisha Radwanowski BCom(HRM&IR)