The National Bulk Tanker Association Conference is a fixture for tanker operators, including fuel tanker operators.  This years conference is being held Moonee Valley, Victoria and will bring the usual insightful and technical sessions along with a keynote address from Professor Arnold Dix.

Bulk Tanker Day is the annual conference for the bulk tanker industry co-hosted by the NBTA and AFAC. The conference focuses on bringing industry together to improve safety, a commitment both organisations made in 2009. Key topics included in program are: DG in tunnels, findings from ANE tanker explosion, learning from near misses, preventing truck rollovers and maintaining mental health behind the wheel.

The NBTA is pleased to announce Prof. Arnold Dix as the keynote speaker for Bulk Tanker Day on Wednesday, 15 May at Moonee Valley. Arnold Dix recently featured on Australian Story: Man Underground which provided an insight into Arnold “the tunnel guy”, barrister, scientist, truck driver and flower farmer and of course his role in the amazing rescue from the Silkyara-Bardot tunnel collapse in November 2023 in India. Arnold is now heralded as a hero by many, including the Australian Prime Minister, as the man behind the Indian tunnel rescue that saved 41 people.

“I rise to acknowledge a truly great Australian, Professor Arnold Dix, and for what he has done in once again improving the relations between Australia and our great friends in India.”

Hon Anthony Albanese, Australian Prime Minister

Arnold has contributed greatly to improving the safety of the bulk tanker sector, with his early work in the dairy industry leading to a dramatic reduction in truck rollovers, saving lives and laying the foundations for current initiatives including the NTI’s Spilt Milk Program and NBTA’s learning from near misses project.  Arnold is the perfect fit for Bulk Tanker Day, as the conference theme is “the safest way” and key topics are tunnel access and safety, which aligns with Arnold’s approach and expertise. The NBTA is grateful and excited that Arnold has chosen to share his experiences and knowledge with the audience at Bulk Tanker Day.

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