Responses to ACAPMA’s call for information from members to inform the RSRT process have been detailed and of great assistance.  ACAPMA calls on all members who have not yet participated to complete the surveys and make sure that the realities in their business are reflected in the discussions at the Tribunal.

The Draft Order for Fuel Oil and Gas, currently before the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal has the potential to completely change the nature of petroleum wholesale and retail in Australia and ACAPMA is calling on all Members to engage with the Association in its efforts to bring clarity and reality to the discussions that will have a significant impact on their business.

ACAPMA has been working with the Tribunal for much of the year in an effort to communicate the realities of petroleum transport and distribution in Australia.  This process has yielded positive results, with many changes being made to the draft based on ACAPMA’s involvement.  However, as the Tribunal moves through the last of the conference stages and towards arbitration, it is important that hard data starts supplementing industry knowledge.

Elisha Radwanowski, Manager of Association Business for ACAPMA elaborates, “Our knowledge of the industry is extensive, because of this, and ACAPMA’s characteristic focus on solutions, we have made great inroads in open discussion.”

“However, the Association now requires supportive data and comments only Member Businesses can provide.

“We are asking Members to provide detailed information on their businesses and practices, in a confidential manner, for the Association to compile and present, further building our argument from a greater position of knowledge and strength.”

To achieve this understanding ACAPMA have been asking Members and other industry stakeholders to complete confidential surveys as well as to continue the active commenting on the Draft Order, as has been occuring over the last year .

“We greatly appreciate the responses so far and urge all members who haven’t yet completed the surveys to take a few minutes to do so – the value in these vital discussions can not be underestimated. ” said Radwanowski.

The Tribunal is in conference March 23 in Sydney.

ACAPMA Members and other interested industry parties are encouraged to provide information and comment to

For further information on the Draft Order or the RSRT please see