The recent ACAPMA Information Session held in Perth was a successful event and provided for open discussion on the local issues faced by Western Australian downstream petroleum distributors, retailers and suppliers.

Attended by over 30 industry participants the recent ACAPMA Information Session in Perth brought together suppliers, retailers and distributors with their industry association to discuss the unique pressures that operators in the downstream petroleum industry face.

High on the agenda for discussions were Drive Offs and the potential impact of Draft Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal Order for the Oil, Fuel and Gas industry.

The escalating incidence of Drive Offs is putting retailers under financial pressure and causing concern for staff and customers due to the associated view within the community that service stations are an ‘easy’ target for crime and the safety implications of drivers speeding off the forecourt.  ACAPMA is currently undertaking detailed submission and engagement activities in Victoria and Western Australia on this matter and will continue to highlight the pressure that this behaviour places the small to medium businesses that make up the majority of the retailers in the industry and the financial pressure this places on prices for all consumers.  ACAPMA will continue to focus on the development of solutions and approaches that recognise this pressure and community safety outcomes within the broader context of local policing pressures.

For more on ACAPMAs approach to Drive Off management at a community level click here.

The potential impacts on the whole downstream petroleum industry of proposed Draft Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal Order for the Oil, Fuel and Gas Industry, was also extensively discussed.  The industry as a whole remains committed to safety and safety outcomes, on the road, in depots and at retail sites.  However, caution to ensure that any changes to current regulatory requirements do not impose burden on industry participants unless they will produce tangible safety outcomes.  ACAPMA remains engaged on all safety initiatives, including with the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal, with a view to pursuing tangible safety outcomes.

For more on ACAPMAs engagement with the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal please see here and here.