Following a decision by the Fair Work Commission on 24/9/2020, the Schedule X COVID Measures that was temporarily inserted into the Vehicle Repair, Service and Retail Award 2020, will now have effect until 29/3/2021.  This temporary change has now been extended to correspond with the end of the JobKeeper Program.

Changes Overview

Schedule X (page 120 of provides for;

An employee to take up to 2 weeks unpaid leave when directed to self isolate or otherwise prevented from working. Any leave must be taken prior to 29/3/2021 but may end after that date. The employee must apply for the leave and provide reasonable evidence where requested. The employee and employer may agree to a longer unpaid pandemic leave arrangement.

An employee to take twice the amount of accrued annual leave at 1/2 pay. Any such agreement must be recorded in writing and must provide for the employee to receive at least the amount (distributed over twice as much time) of pay and entitlements that they would have without the agreement. Any such leave taken for twice the length at half the pay must commence prior to 29/3/2021 but may end after that date.

Where to now

These changes are temporary, due to end on 29/3/2021.  They may be extended via another application to vary the Award.  ACAPMA stands ready to assist any members who require assistance in navigating the requirements of this new clause.  Please email for assistance.