ACAPMA has long been the leader in delivering retail compliance training to the industry with the Petroleum Convenience Compliance (PCC) course delivered to over 20,000 users in Australia and overseas, however a partnership with one of the leading Registered Training Organisations (RTO) in the country has allowed ACAPMA to develop and bring to market accredited retail courses that have been customised for the fuel retail industry context. Commencing with the launch of a fully online Food Safety Supervisor (Fuel Retail) qualification and moving in the new year into a program of Certificate III Retail (Fuel Retail) and Certificate IV Leadership (Fuel Retail), this partnership pairs the size and experience of the NRA RTO with the industry experience of ACAPMA to deliver quality accredited training to members at affordable rates, and to develop and recognise the career pathways within the retail industry.

The partnership between ACAPMA and the National Retail Association RTO (NRA RTO) builds on the strengths of both bodies and adds to ACAPMAs current industry training solutions for fuel retail staff.

ACAPMA will continue to offer and develop industry training opportunities, through its own eLearning hubs for fuel retail staff including;

  • The Petroleum Convenience Compliance (PCC) course
  • The COVID Awareness Training (Retail) course
  • The Beyond Customer Service (BCS) course – to be released Mar 2021

While ACAPMA will now be able to offer members access to ACAPMA exclusive accredited training delivered by NRA RTO including;

  • Food Safety Supervisor (Fuel Retail) – available now
    • This SIRRFSA001 qualification meets all legal requirements for Food Safety Supervisor training for retail employees throughout Australia and is contextualised for the fuel retail environment
  • Certificate III in Retail Services (Fuel Retail) – first intake Feb 2021
    • This SIR30216 qualification reflects the role of individuals who have the primary responsibility of engaging the customer, maintaining daily store operations and delivering on organisation expectations in a fuel retail environment
  • Certificate IV in Retail Management (Fuel Retail) – available from May 2021
    • This SIR40316 qualification reflects the role of individuals who lead a front-line team and manage day-to-day operations of a retail store to organisational objectives and standards in an independent managerial capacity in a fuel retail environment
  • Diploma of Retail Leadership (Fuel Retail) – available from May 2021
    • This SIR50116 qualification reflects the role of individuals who manage a retail business, multiple retail stores or departments and are required to follow business strategy to deliver profitable results, supporting senior management and providing leadership to operational team leaders and team members in a fuel retail environment

“ACAPMA remains committed to developing and delivering industry specific training opportunities, like the PCC and the soon to be released Beyond Customer Service, however Retail Accredited Training, like the Cert III, Cert IV and Diploma, have to be delivered by a registered RTO and it makes sence for ACAPMA to partner with one of the biggest and most trusted RTOs in the retail space, the NRA.” explained ACAPMA Executive Manager for Employment and Training, Elisha Radwanowski.

“NRA RTO have the status, platform and experience to deliver the accredited retail training, and ACAPMA has brought the very detailed understanding of the unique context that fuel retail brings. Unlike selling dresses, or video games, staff in our industry have a myriad of additional concerns and compliance requirements to address that come from retailing a dangerous good in a threshold mass hazard facility to the public. Its this context and expertise that ACAPMA brings to the NRA RTO qualifications” explained Elisha.

“With a combination of the ever evolving industry learning solutions delivered by ACAPMA and now the NRA RTO, staff in the retail fuel industry have access to industry specific informal and formal learning opportunities that open up career pathways that recognise the unique skills and situations that they face.” says Elisha.

The Food Safety Supervisor (Fuel Retail) course is available now from ACAPMA and offers more than just a training course. Participants will be provided with a detailed Food Safety System Guide and Template from ACAPMA to assist with the implementation of best practice food policies, procedures, observations, checks and reports in their own business.

For more information on the Food Safety Supervisor (Fuel Retail) course see;

The Certificate III, IV and Diploma courses are commencing in the new year, however expressions of interest are being accepted now for the first class groups. To inquire or express interest in these courses please contact