The much amended passing of the IR Omnibus Bill by the Senate yesterday has resulted in many business owners asking the question; What does it mean for my business? The short answer is the Bill is likely to deliver some much needed certainty and clarity in the definition of casuals and their entitlements. The longer answer is that the Bill is not yet done in its march through Parliament, heading back to the Lower House now. Despite the amendments and headlines there is much for businesses and staff to look forward to in terms of clarity.

After months of crafting and weeks of political wrangling the IR Omnibus Bill has passed the Senate, but in a much carved up and amended state. It will now head back to the Lower House for review.

The political wrangling over this Bill has been a source of frustration for business and employee groups alike, and many are arguing that some of the sections that were carved out are essential, so it is likley that further changes will be coming sometime in the future.

What has been agreed at this time in the Bills current form, is a much needed definition of a Casual Employee and a recognition of the role of the higher casual rate/loading in compensating staff for the lack of paid leave, the lack of paid notice, the lack of paid redundancy and the lack of commitment to ongoing employment. This is a clear win for clarity and common sense and will be welcome (once the Bill becomes Law).

ACAPMA reminds Members that when the Bill reaches its final form and legal requirements and best practice is clarified ACAPMAs Employment Department will reach out with updated information, templates and guidance for navigating this change. Until then ACAPMA reminds Members that the Bill is not yet Law so current standards apply.

Elisha Radwanowski BCom(HRM &IR)
Executive Manager Employment and Training