As Roadmap milestones are met and lockdowns are lifted in NSW, and mass mandatory vaccinations are required in VIC and the whole country gets ready for, if not a post COVID world, at least a post lockdown paradigm, the ACAPMA COVID Roundup is going interactive with a live webinar Q & A session.

 The last 18 months and more have been a whirlwind of change.  Legislative changes that usually come with months of drafting and consultation have instead become a daily feature of operations.  While some industries have been locked down and awaiting the day of opening, fuel retail and wholesale has been, as the essential service that it is, continuing to trade.  The result has been riding necessary, but often overwhelming, waves of changing requirements to the operations, safety protocols and staff engagements.

 As day to day life continues (almost) unaffected in QLD, NT, WA and SA, and as lockdown is lifting in NSW (with ACT soon to follow) it could be tempting to think that the change, and our need to continue to quickly pivot and response will also lift, but the reality is far from that.  There is still a lot of uncertainty, and there are still a lot of questions.  From how the VIC vaccine mandates will work, to what happens when (not if) an infected person comes to site, to managing staff anxiety, vaccination opposition and shortages. 

 The certainty that we will be living with COVID is just about the only certainty there is, that, and there will be many questions to answer along the way – we know this.

 So while anyone claiming to have all the answers at this time is selling bunkum, this live Q & A session will present industry with a short roundup on the status and approach of each jurisdiction, and then will dive into your questions.

 ACAPMA COVID Roundup Q & A Webinar

When:  Tuesday 12/10/2021

Time:  12:00-13:00  (AEDT)


 If you have questions that you would like answered, but are shy, you can also send your questions through to

 Elisha Radwanowski BCom(HRM&IR)