Following a detailed consultation with industry stakeholders the EPA NSW has released a series of resources to assist fuel transport operators with developing, reviewing and implementing Transport Emergency Response Plans for placard loads of dangerous goods.

In releasing the materials EPA NSW Director Chemicals, Land & Radiation Karen Miller explained, “Consignors and transporters of placard loads of dangerous goods must have a written Transport Emergency Response Plan.  This guidance will help them to prepare one”.

The NSW legislation implements international and national frameworks around the regulation of dangerous goods. The EPA and SafeWork NSW are jointly appointed as competent authorities for the land transport of dangerous goods in NSW. The EPA regulates the road and rail transport of dangerous goods under this Act while SafeWork NSW regulates activities prior to transport, including correct classification, packaging and labelling. This Act is jointly administered by the Minister for Fair Trading and the Minister for Environment and Heritage.

The EPA and SafeWork NSW work together with other regulators for road and rail transport, including the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator and NSW Police; to collectively ensure that dangerous goods transport is regulated in NSW.

Anyone who consigns a placard load of dangerous goods, and anyone who transports a placard load of dangerous goods must have a written emergency plan in place prior to undertaking the transport.

This written plan must consider:

  • the types and quantities of dangerous goods being transported
  • the locations the dangerous goods will be transported
  • the types of incidents that may occur during the transport of the dangerous goods
  • the personnel and resources required to manage incidents involving the dangerous goods
  • procedures to follow to manage incidents involving the dangerous goods.

To support the dangerous goods transport industry to prepare for incidents, the EPA has prepared the Transport Emergency Response Planning for Dangerous Goods Resources including a Guide and Template Set.

The Guide provides detailed information on when emergency plans are required, how to prepare a plan, and how to implement plans when an incident occurs.

The Template Set includes a series of template options that are targeted at transporters with relatively simple operations.


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