ACAPMA has released a simple factsheet resource for fuel businesses to utilise to understand the elements of a Safe System of Work as it pertains to Aggression and Violence at a glance.  The resource is being made available to the whole industry in the wake of an increasing number of incidents onsite and an overrepresentation of service stations in non-compliances with respect to safe systems of work to address these incidents

Factsheet or Guide?

ACAPMA Factsheets are simple references for businesses in fuel wholesale, fuel transport and fuel and convenience retail to refer to when building, reviewing or modifying their systems.  The ACAPMA Factsheets provide a snapshot, while the ACAPMA Guides provide more detailed information, case studies and templates.

Service Stations overrepresented in non-compliances

A recent targeted campaign in South Australia highlighted that service stations are overrepresented in non-compliances when it comes to safe systems of work (

“The SafeWork SA report is a reminder to all fuel businesses to review their physical and system controls to ensure that they are appropriate to the particular workplace, workers, customers, product and community situation, and that they adequately provide for policy, instruction, training, review, response and industry scanning”, explains ACAPMAs Elisha Radwanowski.

“Typically ACAPMA resources are only provided to ACAPMA Members, but in this instance the simple Factsheet is being provided more widely in line with the ACAPMA Board commitment in this particular area.  ACAPMA Members will receive a more detailed Guide that includes templates and case studies, but the Factsheet is the first place to start”, added Elisha.

“This report is a big reminder to all businesses nationwide to review thier systems of work and physical controls to ensure they are addressing the known increased risk of workplace aggression and violence”, said Elisha.

“ACAPMA has released a simple Factsheet on building a safe system of work regarding aggression and violence, and will shortly release a more detailed Guide with templates and case studies to assist members in ensuring compliance in this area”, concluded Elisha.

Safe Systems of Work – Aggression and Violence

Here to Help

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Elisha Radwanowski BCom(HRM&IR)