ACAPMA congratulates Tasco Petroleum for its standout Gender Pay Gap- 0%.  While  addressing the gender pay gap is a focus of many businesses the national average remains 14.5%, making the 0% result for Tasco Petroleum even more impressive.

TASCO proudly have a 0% gender pay gap within our business with local Mildura Cr Helen Healy reporting “I was interviewed recently about the gender pay gap and was pleased to see, in the print article that on a whole Mildura businesses rated well, but most impressed by TASCO Petroleum who had a zero rating – absolute equity!”

“My attention was drawn to them because as many of you will know, they are one of the most generous businesses in the region when it comes to supporting community events and initiatives and most particularly when it comes to arts and culture.”



Elisha Radwanowski BCom(HRM&IR)