The Fair Work Commission has again extended the pandemic provisions outlined in Schedule I of the Vehicle Repair, Service and Retail Award. The flexibility provisions, including reduction of hours, annual leave and jobs training are now available to eligible employers for eligible employees until 31st January 2021.

The provisions in Schedule I – Award flexibility during the COVID-19 Pandemic, aims at protecting the viability of businesses and connection to employees in the midst of the pandemic and provides for Directions to be issued by an eligible employer to an eligible employee.

Initially implemented in May 2020, these provisions have again been extended multiple times, and now have an end date of 31st January 2021, though the Commission can extend the provisions again, either on petition or on their own instigation.

Vehicle Repair, Service and Retail Award;

  • There are no qualifying elements to this Schedule other than the fact that any Agreement to reduce hours must have been entered into prior to 30th June 2020
  • By Agreement (and a vote of employees) hours may be reduced to not less than 75% of standard hours
  • An employer may Request an employee to take annual leave, provided the employee would be left with at least 2 weeks annual leave.

It is worth noting that Schedule X of the Vehicle Repair Service and Retail Award outlines further COVID-19 flexibility and extensive requirements to access them – see; for more information.

For a copy of the Schedule see the latest version of the Award;

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