As part of the 2021-2022 Employment Guides Pack ACAPMA has released the Performance Management Guide.  This detailed Guide explores not only the legal and procedural fairness elements that business needs to understand and comply with to ensure that performance management is fair and appropriate, it also provides detailed worked examples, scripts and templates.

Managing staff is a core activity, it is a daily task but one that causes angst and concern for businesses operators and managers because it is fraught with minefields of detailed compliance requirements.  Understanding these requirements is vital to efficiently and effectively operating the business and delivering for customers.

“Confidence comes from information, understanding and practice.  Armed with detailed information and understanding of the requirements, alongside detailed templates and examples, managers and operators can bolster the confidence to manage their business” explains ACAPMAs Executive Manager for Employment and Training, Elisha Radwanowski.

“The business has the right to set performance expectations, and to manage and even terminate staff who do not meet those expectations – but it needs to be done correctly and compliantly to protect the rights of the employee and the business as a whole”

“ACAPMA assists members in managing common (and uncommon) performance issues and situations and we will continue to do so, but this Guide is designed to complement the detailed support and bolster the skill, confidence and responsiveness at a workplace level”

“In addition to the Guide ACAPMA Members can also access a 30min presentation on performance management that summarises the contents of the Guide in the form of a video to facilitate simple sharing” concluded Elisha.

The ACAPMA Guide 2021-2022 – Performance Management is available to all ACAPMA Members now by request to  and will be emailed directly to all members with the completed Guide Pack in the coming weeks.

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Elisha Radwanowski BCom(HRM&IR)
Executive Manager Employment and Training