As part of the 2021-2022 Employment Guides Pack ACAPMA has released the Code of Conduct Guide for workers.  This detailed Guide outlines the role and value of codes of conduct, as well as detailing a comprehensive examples of a simple Code of Conduct.

A Code of Conduct is a valuable tool in the workplace.  For new staff a detailed and complete position description plays a large role in explaining the expectations of the business in terms of the general conduct.  For the business, having a live Code of Conduct in place has the benefit of facilitating the onboarding of staff, but can also form a key pillar of the performance management process.

“Having a Code of Conduct is another of those things that is not a legal requirement, but is such a valuable tool that all businesses should take the time to understand and implement them in their.  In addition to being a clear message to new staff on what is expected of them it is also a tool to lean on in the event of performance management processes. In the context of fuel retail and wholesale, where staff interaction is often limited due to solitary work patterns, or occurs outside of the workplace at work events, a Code of Conduct for explaining and requirement ‘professional conduct’ is invaluable. ” explains ACAPMA Executive Manager Employment and Training, Elisha Radwanowski.

“It seems simple, but clearly stating, this is what is expected in terms of conduct is a valuable process.  But it is something that needs to be reviewed and updated.  Like most documents they are valuable only so long as they reflect the reality on the site and can in fact become a liability if they are not up to date…so review is needed” concluded Elisha.

The ACAPMA Guide 2021-2022 – Code of Conduct Guide is available to all ACAPMA Members now by request to  and will be emailed directly to all members with the completed Guide Pack in the coming weeks.

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Elisha Radwanowski BCom(HRM&IR)
Executive Manager Employment and Training