The latest in the ACAPMA Employment Masterclass Series is set for this Friday afternoon online.  This workshop will focus on the often misunderstood area of Shiftloading.  Like all of the ACAPMA Employment Masterclasses this workshop is free for ACAPMA members and registrations are open now.

Shiftloading is a complicated and often misunderstood element of the modern Awards.  This is true for the fuel wholesale and retail industries, with the fuel retail construction of shiftloading resulting in a whopping 19 different permutations of rates that “could” apply to a particular shift worked by an employee, where the “correct” rate depends not only on the shift being worked, but all of the other shifts worked in that roster. Ensuring that the shiftloading provided to any employee is correct can be difficult.

This difficulty can result in spectacular consequences as wave of sophisticated businesses that have failed to meet minimum standards have demonstrated recently.  From massive retailers, to distributed franchise networks, it is clear that, despite their capacity, many businesses have ended up with underpayments and breaches that have arisen from sloppy shiftloading practices including poor modelling and lacklustre or even non-existent review of the modelling effectiveness.  The result is literally hundreds of millions of dollars in underpayments, most of it to managers.

“Systems, including those that claim to be able to address the fuel retail Award, often fail to correctly address shiftloading.  This is because it is far from simple.  If a business is employing permanent staff, including managers, then they absolutely have to have a full and practical understanding of how shiftloading works and what the many, many requirements in this area are.  Failure to adequately understand this area will result in compliance breaches and is likely to result in underpayments” explains ACAPMAS Elisha Radwanowski.

ACAPMA recognises that the need to go back to first principles for many operators, which is why the latest in the ACAPMA Workshops is an Employment Masterclass on Shiftloading.  This online workshop is focused on ensuring that attendees leave with the practical Guides and Tools, including; Checklists, Process Flows, Salary Calculators and detailed Information Packs that will assist them in achieving compliant operations.  Attendees are encouraged to bring their current actual rosters to the Workshop for some real world testing.

ACAPMA Workshop:  Employment Masterclass Shiftloading

Date: Friday, 27 May 2022

Time:  13:00-15:00 (Sydney Time)

Cost:  FREE for ACAPMA Members, $55 inc GST for Non Members


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Elisha Radwanowski BCom(HRM&IR)