Join ACAPMAs Employment Professionals for a deep dive into the tips, traps and templates needed to appropriately and compliantly navigate those situations where a staff member is not performing up to standard.  Building on the extensive resources and guidance ACAPMA delivers for members on Performance Management, this Employment Masterclass Workshop will explore real world worked examples of common, and thankfully uncommon performance issues, from attendance and presentation issues through to bullying and even drug and alcohol breaches.

This practical workshop empowers Manager with the information and resources needed to ensure they are supporting the businesses performance management approach.  This ACAPMA Workshop is free for ACAPMA Members.  The first of the ACAPMA Employment Masterclass Workshops for the year is aimed at demystifying and normalising performance management for managers.

Open to all interested parties the Workshop is FREE for ACAPMA Members, while a cost of $33 inc GST per person for non-Members will apply.

Workshop Details

ACAPMA Workshop:  Performance Management for Site Managers
Date:  Friday 3 March 2023
Time 11:00 AEDT (Sydney Time)
Duration:  2 hours
Cost:  FREE for ACAPMA Members, $33 inc GST per person for non-Members
Limit per Organisation:  NONE


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HR Highlights are things to consider, implement and watch out for in your business.  They are provided as general information for you to consider and do not constitute advice.  You should seek further advice on your situation by contacting your legal advisor.  ACAPMA members can access resources and receive advice, guidance and support from the ACAPMA employment professionals via  , it is free for members.  ACAPMA Membership delivers this and more benefits, see;   for more information.

Elisha Radwanowski BCom(HRM&IR)