As part of the progressive update and roll out of resources for members, ACAPMA has released the latest set of employment, compliance and operational guides.  The Fuel Retail Guide Pack includes staff and customer facing posters, engagement document templates, editable operational and safety resources as well as employment and compliance guidance references for fuel retailers.

Each year ACAPMA creates customised resources and reference materials for members covering the employment, compliance and operations of fuel wholesale, fuel transport and fuel retail business.

The 2024/2025 Guides and Resources are currently being reviewed, expanded and updated and will be released to members over the coming weeks in tranches.  The first such tranche of resources is the Fuel Retail Guide Pack, which is now available to members.

The Fuel Retail Guide Pack includes;

The resources offer a ready reference for compliance checks throughout the year, as well as providing inspiration and templates for implementation of compliance measures within Member businesses.

The Fuel Wholesale and Transport Guide Pack is being finalised now and will be released shortly.

Members can access these resources via the ACAPMA Member Portal, or by emailing

ACAPMA Employment Compliance Health Check for Fuel Retail and Transport

The Fair Work Ombudsman has made it clear that all employers, of all sizes, should be utilising structured audit programs to address and avoid underpayments.  ACAPMA strongly encourages all members to take this call to heart and ensure that they are having a professional, independent and industry specific audit of compliance done regularly.

“ACAPMA offers members the ability to access fuel transport and fuel retail specific Assisted Compliance Audits, where ACAPMAs in house employment professionals review systems and outputs.  The ACAPMA Assisted Compliance Audits provide members with more than just a list of non-compliances, these audits provide members with ‘assistance’ in the form of templates, resources and guidance, to address the non-compliances and to ‘fix’ the systems to avoid future non-compliances”, explains Elisha.

For more on the ACAPMA Assisted Compliance Audits see;

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ACAPMA members are reminded that they can access the advice support resources and representation of the ACAPMA Employment Professionals on this issue, or indeed any other employment issue, via

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