HR Highlight

HR Highlight: Cost of complacency

Complacency can be costly and is on the increase. Non-compliance in employment relations, like all areas of workplace law, becomes more and more expensive, with the value of a Penalty …
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HR Highlight: What is reasonable?

Reasonable business grounds, reasonably practicable, reasonable person test; from the Fair Work Act to the Work Health and Safety laws, businesses need to have a good understanding of what is …
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HR Highlight: responsible for safety?

How should businesses work safety into position descriptions? What are the areas of concern and focus?

A reasonable question

ACAPMAlliance recently received this question: “With the harmonisation of the WHS …
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HR Highlight: Flexibility

The workplace is fast becoming the battleground for the upcoming election. This last week has seen a lot of discussion about flexibility provisions and the merits of legislative management of …
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HR Highlight: Inducing proficiency

Taking a new staff member from a ‘green’ trainee to a star performer can be a lengthy process. Businesses that have coherent, structured and detailed induction programs take advantage of …
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HR Highlight: Leave loading entitlement?

Calculating entitlements on termination and resignation can be stressful. The question of leave loading certainly adds to this stress and confusion. So is leave loading an entitlement on termination?

Not …
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HR Highlight: Managing the sickie

As we approach the Easter weekend this year, experts are predicting a record number of sickies on either side of the four-day weekend

So the question becomes becomes then: what can you …
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Knowledge is understanding

There is truth in the saying that in order to understand something, knowledge is the key.

Take for example the age-old management tool of “training”.  Why do we train? Put …
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HR highlight: the benefits of maturity

The benefits of engaging mature aged employees now include a financial incentive, making recruiting mature aged workers more attractive to all businesses.

On Monday 14th January 2013, Kate Ellis, the …
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HR Highlight: Termination at Christmas

Terminating employees can be a minefield of compliance at the best of times, so during the festive season there are additional issues employers should be aware of.

From the need …
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